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Savanna Cheri: Professional Travel Guide & Author

Hi! I am Savanna Cheri. You can call me Sav. All my life, I’ve been interested in exploring new places. A sense of feeling and experiencing novelty is something irresistible. Travel has become an indispensable part of my life, and I’ve managed to visit myriads of places I’m proud of. Places where I’ve been have helped me create my own vision of people and understand them better. I’ve learned and continue to learn that our differences can be a key to making meaningful connections with each other.

I’m sure you can be motivated to travel to places where you plan to meet your special person or, better, soulmate. The woman of your dreams can live in places you don’t have any clue about. But nowadays, it’s not a problem anymore. Thanks to my experience, travel guides, and the knowledge I’ve gathered, you can be lucky to learn more before planning a trip.

Who am I, and what do I do?

First of all, let me introduce myself. When I graduated from school, I intended to study finance, as I was not bad at math. During my college years, I traveled across the country whenever I had a chance, and I found out that I had a passion for traveling and seeing new places. Since I was young, I was a bit scared to travel to other countries. I shall confess that I’ve been to Canada, but it barely counts, does it?  But that was temporary.

A tempting idea to see places abroad is hard to resist. I received an offer for an internship in Germany, the first place I owe a lot. At the age of 24, I went to Germany. At that time, I didn’t know much about Schengen visas, which is a shame to accept and confess. However, it was so cool to learn that I can travel to different countries with this visa.

It meant that a European tour was inevitable. I had a chance to travel across Europe for 3 weeks, which was unforgettable. That was a moment when I knew that I wanted to dedicate my life to travel. My tour sparked an interest in seeing new places and people. The more I traveled, the more changes I felt in my life, as I became more tolerant, curious, and culturally aware.

Going beyond limits and your perspectives is what you get with travel. Nowadays, I feel that I have grown quite substantially. Expanding the horizons of my mind is one of the main advantages of traveling. When I started traveling, I decided to write about my travel experience and what I learned. It was a spontaneous decision that made me a professional travel guide.

What do you need to know?

While being a travel guide, I met really different people with different desires and expectations. Before you go online to buy or book a ticket, there are 3 things you should keep in mind. First, you should know the following tips:

  • Tip 1. Ask yourself whether you have a desire to travel. You might be surprised, but some people are not fans of traveling. We are different people, and each of us has a different view of the world. Before you even start planning a trip, be sure that you’re interested. Otherwise, your adventure might turn out to be a boring venture. Disappointment isn’t something you should get while traveling.
  • Tip 2. Finance, finance, and finance. You should accept the reality of the modern world. You’re expected to invest in your travel if you’re a tourist somewhere. Money is an essential part of your travel, and thus, decide and calculate how much you plan or can afford to spend.
  • Tip 3. Know where you go. Let’s say you’re going to China. You should know where to go, what to see, and how to have fun. You’ll arrive in Beijing, but it’s just the beginning of your adventure. Thus, the more informed you’ll be, the more pleasant the journey will be.

How can I help you?

Besides being a travel guide, I am an author on sites like Walking On A Dream ( and Luxe Women Travel ( Thanks to the knowledge and experience I got from traveling, I share lots of information about travel, international brides, and even more.

In other words, if you’re interested in dating a woman from a particular country but not sure whether it’s a good idea, I’ll know how to help you on the websites Walking On A Dream and Luxe Women Travel. I write not only travel guides and interesting information about different countries. I also share about women and their peculiarities so that you can get more information about your future girlfriend. So let’s highlight how you can get benefit from these sites:

  • Information about various international brides. I’m sure you’re not new to the concept of mail order brides. However, you might wonder more about them, and why not get some useful info before your venture into finding ladies for marriage? While doing so, you can find much interesting about women from different parts of the world, including their features, wedding traditions, dating tips, useful travel tips, and even more.
  • Pricing and calculations. Having enough money isn’t the only factor that’ll make you successful at finding the perfect match among many international women for marriage. Of course, you should know how much you need to spend, but that’s not all. You should also know how to allocate your budget smartly enough so that you won’t spend your money in vain. From my experience, I can say that spending money wisely is possible only if you know where and how to spend it, and this info is accessible on the sites I work for.
  • Getting more ideas about mail order brides. You might come across some myths claiming that mail order brides are illegal. Others can claim it is just a way of deceiving people. Opinions vary, but they don’t have to be true. Before you can get your future wife, you should better understand how the mail-order brides’ system works in practice and why it’s legal. With my help, you can learn more about international ladies for marriage.
  • Offering reviews of sites. Remember what I said about some myths about mail order brides? One of the main reasons why people don’t believe that mail order bride services can be efficient is that not every dating platform is ideal. What’s more, many sites can turn out to be scams. Thus, reviews are important when you plan to pick a good dating platform to meet the woman of your dreams.
  • Getting access to different blogs. One of my contributions to the sites I mentioned is in the blogs I share quite often. They’re not all related to traveling, but there are so many great things you can learn. One of the best things you can learn on these sites is oriented toward making your marriage life more successful and stable if you’re planning to get married to a person living abroad. Thus, you better never miss your chance to learn more about women across the globe.

Why is it a good idea to get help from me?

Knowledge is power, and it can sound too general or cliché; it’s a true statement. With my contribution to the sites where I work, you can learn the following things:

  • Find a perfect match. Before you start dating, why not consider who can be ideal for you? So, why not look through different regions like Asia, Europe, or Latin America to learn which nation is the best? This is where my blog articles can help you for sure.
  • Understand different cultures. Why not learn something interesting to impress your lady? Don’t forget that smart men are in demand almost everywhere. So here’s a good opportunity to know more about the history, customs, and other aspects of different countries.
  • Travel safely. Every country is a unique place waiting to be explored. There are great things, and there are bad things you should avoid. Always know how you can travel safely, and this is what you can learn with just a few clicks.
  • Learn about the best places to travel. Of course, your travel isn’t limited to meeting your soulmate. Why not see other places with your dame? So, you should have your list of favorite places where you should go. Not sure where to start? No worries, as I’m here to help you.
  • Avoid scams when traveling. Scams are almost in every corner of the world. Don’t let them ruin your adventure and excitement, as I share lots of information about this issue and constantly update insights that might be helpful for you.

Final words

I will always continue to contribute to the happiness of people, as everyone deserves happy life in marriage. Never hesitate to get help from my platforms.