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Do you have a traveler in your life who is hard to buy for? (Or maybe you just want some ideas to treat yo self!) Many travelers don’t like having extra “stuff” weighing them down, so you don’t want to get them anything they don’t need or won’t use. The good news is that there is plenty of stuff out there that is useful for travelers! If you don’t want to get them just another gift card, then this is the list for you! Here are some last minute gifts for your favorite travel lover, organized by category, counting down to number 1 – my favorite – and also the most expensive. But- hey!- you only live once!

The Gift of Sleep

gifts for travel lovers

Give the gift of sleep with numbers 13, 12, 11 & 10– because sleep is important! When trying to acclimate to a new time zone, or while traveling to a new location, or (honestly) just trying to get some shut-eye while the kids nap/play, sleep can be the hottest commodity. Give these gifts to help your favorite traveler recharge:

#13. A Sleep Mask

It’s nearly impossible to sleep on a plane when the guy in front of you just won’t shut his window. It’s also hard to sleep while the sun is still up if you’re trying to acclimate your body to an upcoming new time zone. Or if you’re vacationing in the far north or south of the world during the summer, when it’s 2am and the sun refuses to go to sleep. Here is where an eye mask comes in handy! Dermatologists say that silk is best for the skin. Silk doesn’t pull on your skin like cotton and other fabrics, causing wrinkles. This gives silk its anti-aging reputation! So get your favorite traveler the gift of sleep- and young skin! And while you’re at it, pick yourself up a silk pillowcase. Silk is the best.

#12: Ear Plugs

Ear plugs may be are the least sexy gift in this list. But don’t let their lack of sexiness completely turn you off! Ear plugs (or noise cancelling headphones- way sexier) are essential when giving someone the gift of sleep. Have you ever sat next to a screaming child on a flight? How about having one on an overnight or 14 hour flight- yikes! Save yourself, and your friends. Get some earplugs. If you have a bigger budget, get some noise cancelling headphones!

#11. Melatonin & Essential Oils

One last thing to help people sleep is either to take melatonin or use essential oils. Personally, I cannot do essential oils. They all make me nauseous. Then again, I get nauseous when I have to bend over to pick up my keys that I’m always dropping. There are people who swear by them!

Some people also love melatonin. You just take one or two before bedtime, and it’s supposed to knock you out! I used to use melatonin! It did knock me out pretty fast, but it also gave me crazy dreams. Of course, I have pretty crazy dreams without taking any supplements, so…

#10. Travel Neck Pillow

Lastly in our “giving the gift of sleep” section, neck pillows! You already have the eye mask, the ear plugs or noise cancelling headphones, and the sleep aid. The last thing you need to make sure you or your favorite traveler gets some good sleep while traveling is some neck support.

Here is an awesome best-selling option that’s on my list this year, but I currently use this one, in grey.

The Gift of Essential Accessories

gifts for travel lovers

You don’t want to get anything that will add clutter to your or a friend’s life, but there are a few things that are just really helpful for anyone on the road.

#9: Passport Holder

Okay, so passport holders aren’t completely necessary, but they sure are useful! Before I got my passport holder I was just always worried about bending or tearing my passport, or ruining it somehow. My case is also really nice because it not only holds my passport, but it also holds a pen, my German visa, and two other cards, PLUS another passport! So I am the keeper of the passports. So grown up.

If I ever decide to get a new holder, it would probably be this one– it’s a passport holder that zips up, has RFID blocking security to keep your information safe, AND it has a built-in charger!

#8: Portable Battery Bank

You do not ever want to be stuck without a communication device! I don’t think I really need to drill that point home. We have this one that charges our iPhones almost 7 times per charge! It’s crazy. SUCH a good charger.

If you want something lighter, cheaper, or better for traveling for days on end without being able to charge it, you should get a solar-powered charger! It’s the best of all worlds.

#7: Luggage Tags

Luggage tags are a great way to differentiate your bag from other bags all piled together at baggage claim. They are also an essential little extra that can be highly personalized!

#6: Electronics Organizer

These things are amazing! There is nothing worse than when your phone is on 1% and you are at your terminal digging through your carry-on looking for that stupid USB cord. Stay organized. Make your life and the lives of your favorite travelers easier.

The Gift of Fashion

gifts for travel lovers

Make sure that [you or] your favorite traveler stays looking fine all the time with these two great travel options!

#5: Sandals with Interchangeable Straps

You’re going on vacation. You don’t want to pack too many shoes, but you do still want to look good. Enter CAMBIAMI flat sandals with interchangeable straps! Same base, but with changing straps to make it look like you brought more than the one pair of shoes!

#4: Inserts

Inserts are less a gift of fashion and more a gift of comfort, but hear me out. When you travel, you usually walk around all day! At the end of the day, our feet hurt, your legs ache, and you’re not completely happy about it. Do a little pre-planning and switch the insoles of your shoes out for ones that come with some support. You’re welcome!

The Gift of Experiences

Some of the best gifts aren’t tangible at all! Travelers know as well as anybody that experiences are better than products! If you don’t know what to get the traveler in your life, give them the gift of travel!

#3: Tinggly

Tinggly offers “the world’s best experiences in one gift box”. You can send someone a massage, a hotel stay, a safari, and more! But why should you sit here and read what I have to say, when you can just watch this quick video describing the idea:

 #2. Try The World

Try The World is a subscription box service where you can send (or receive!) either a box of snacks from around the world, or a “country” box of gourmet foods from a different, specific country every month. You can purchase these boxes either once, or for 3-, 6-, or 12-month subscriptions. Check out their website to see what all they have to offer!

The Gift of a Luggage Upgrade

#1. G-RO

Meet G-RO, the luggage of the future. G-RO is a carry-on suitcase compliant with international carry-on standards. It has built-in TSA approved locks, large wheels, a water-resistant bottom, a built-in charger with USB ports, and a Bluetooth tracker. This is the coolest carry-on on the market!

It’s a little pricey, as it should be with all these awesome features, but, as my gift to you, it’s $50 off if you purchase through this link. You’re welcome.

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